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Live Facebook yoga practice every:

Thursday 7.30am

Sunday 10am 

(GMT, London time)
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Private 1-2-1 Yoga practice

Perfect opportunity to work on particular issues or certain desire.  

(Connecting via Zoom)
Book your 1-2-1 practice at £65/h
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Learn how to do Sun-Salutation yoga sequence


This is a short and practical yoga course that will show you how to practice your Sun-Salutations (Sanskrit: Surya Namaskar) struggle free!

Especially how you do the challenging transitions, saving yourself from injuries (shoulders!), while your yoga flows so much more gracefully creating more joy while practicing!
Enroll £47
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"Yoga & Detox: Total Body, Mind, and Energy Cleanse" Program 

14-week cleanse program that will heal your disease and reboot your health inside and out!

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