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Meet Paula


Paula Vidakovic is an experienced yoga teacher, originally from Croatia, honoured with 200-h & 500-hours Yoga Teacher Training Certification. 
She has been teaching 15y full-time in London, holds workshops on various yoga topics and organises annual yoga boutique holiday retreats in Croatia.

Her style of yoga is refreshingly different. She uses breath work, anatomy and functional philosophy in her therapeutic approach to yoga practice to get the mind and the body balanced so to cope better with all that life throw at us. Her personal driving force is for people to get more supple in their bodies, stronger in their minds and fitter in their actions!!

She created VidaYoga in 2008 guided by principles of life: Breath, Alignment, Strength, and Balance and is known for her passion to use yoga, especially alignment and the yogic breath, as a channel that supports the movement to heal injuries, slow down the ageing process and balance stresses, big and small.

Without breath there is no life, without precise alignment, there is no healing.

Her adage is: "There is no perfect yoga posture. There is only perfect posture for the body that is moving into it. It's so very individual."
She is known for her classes to be "fun, funky and powerful”.

Her practice will leave you with more understanding of yourself, stretched, re-focused and open at the same time.

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