"Yoga & Detox: Total Body, Mind, and Energy Cleanse"


Your chance to start your unique health journey.

Watch the video to see how we can rejuvenate your health, together. 

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With Yoga and Detox cleanse protocol is step-by-step cleansing program you will: 


🍏  Deal with YOUR specific health issue

🍏  Guide you to your health success through the whole process

🍏  Get an amazing support in the program from our 3 expert program coaches

🍏  Provide new Yoga practical lessons with Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation in every module

🍏  Hair-Mineral Analysis Test (which shows your toxic load in your body)

🍏  Bioresonance Test (for bacteria, viruses, and fungi imbalances in your body)

🍏  Get Knowledge Lessons to educate yourself 

🍏  Guide you in Nutrition and what to eat to get healthy and stay healthy 

🍏  Give you a Practical Action list to do in every module

🍏  Lifetime access to all modules to repeat the process once a year 

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